Collision Repair

Repairing Your Vehicle After a Collision

The auto body service technicians at Anders Automotive are trained to know every inch of your new or used vehicle. From the smallest door ding to a non-drivable collision, Anders Automotive can help restore your vehicle to look and feel like new.

Plus, we offer genuine factory parts so you can leave feeling as good about your vehicle today as you did the day you bought it. Schedule a service appointment today or call us at for more information.

Anders and Yorkie’s technicians have over 50 years of experience repairing foreign and domestic vehicles. Bring your vehicle to us for your free, and honest assessment. We only quote what needs to be repaired, and we will never give you the run-around, or find problems that aren’t there.


Get A Free Estimate For Your Collision Repair

Know the cost of your car repair before the service! Don’t get stuck paying a bill you aren’t prepared for. Anders Automotive will give you a free estimate so that you can properly budget or compare prices. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust we have seen it all, which means you will get the most accurate estimate.

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