Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a Reliable Car

under the hood vehicle maintenanceWhen its time for your vehicle’s routine check-up, you don’t want to wait too long. Delaying on preventative maintenance could cause big problems later on down the road. Anders Automotive in Kansas City makes helps you keep your car well-maintained and running long term.

Schedule maintenance with us with us for peace of mind, and hassle-free auto care. We also service foreign imports old or new. Let’s take a look at some of the most common auto maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Oil Change and Filter

Perhaps most common type of vehicle maintenance is the need for an oil change. Your car’s engine relies on oil’s cleaning, cooling, and lubrication factors. On average, you should replace conventional motor oil every 3,000 miles, change synthetic blends every 5,000 miles, and change full synthetic blends at 10,000 miles. This helps avoid engine oil sludge that will build up over time, leading to some damaging effects. If you don’t regularly change your oil, you’ll go from driving, to towing your car before too long!

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, it can cause worry and speculation as to what the problem could be. If this light is on, this means your vehicle is throwing a code that can be something minor, or something major. Anders Automotive can tell you what your check engine light is trying to tell you, and can fix it for an affordable cost. If you need to know what code your vehicle is giving you, bring your car in for a free automotive diagnosis.

auto tire maintenance kansas city

Brake Service

Being one of the more important factors of your vehicle, brakes are often overlooked until the grinding noise begins. Unlike oil changes, there is no real set rules when it comes to replacing your brakes. Much of it comes down to how much you drive your vehicle, and also how hard you drive it!

To prevent damage, you may consider brake service during any routine tire maintenance. Also, listen for any strange sounds when braking, and feel for any vibrations in the brake pedal. If it feels like there is an issue, bring in your vehicle and we’ll help you take a look.

Belts and Hoses

For many cars of all makes and models, it’s recommended that you change your belts and hoses every two years. Your vehicle’s fan belt, which controls the water pump and engine fan, keeps your car’s cooling system functioning properly. Hoses carry the fluids around your car, and work hand-in-hand with your cooling system, but they are one of its frailest components as well.

After about the two year mark, your belts and hoses may begin to deteriorate and will need to be replaced. You can rely on the best local auto shop in Kansas City for an honest assessment of your vehicle’s cooling system.

car fluid maintenance kansas cityVehicle Fluids and Transmission

Maintaining your vehicle’s fluids is one of the easiest steps you can take to preventing a costly repair. One of the more important fluids is your transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is normally red in color, and you can check this with a dipstick under your hood. However, if your transmission fluid is dark or brown, it is a sign that your fluids are dirty and your transmission is not being properly lubricated. If you feel that your car is not accelerating properly, or you feel vibrations while driving, do not hesitate to bring your car in for a free diagnosis.

We will help you check for leaks, listen to the vehicle, flush your old transmission fluid if needed, check sensors, and check / apply proper fluid levels. We can also help with transmission repair and service. Leave your transmission maintenance services to our team of automotive experts.

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