As an Uber driver, you spend more time in your vehicle than the average driver. Not only that, you may see wear and tear on your vehicle that other drivers simply don’t see. With these basic car maintenance tips, however, you can increase your vehicle’s lifespan and prevent yourself from missing costly problems with your vehicle.

#1: Check Your Owner’s Manual for a Car Maintenance Schedule

Many manufacturers have a very specific car maintenance schedule, from checking the fluids to doing a full engine flush. As an Uber driver, it’s vital that you pay attention to these key reminders. When you take care of your vehicle, it will continue functioning well in spite of all those extra miles you put on it.

Make sure you check your owner’s manual for a full understanding of exactly when you need to take care of those important tasks. If you get short on cash, talk with a qualified mechanic to help you better understand how to fit those important maintenance tasks into your schedule.

#2: Examine Your Car Before Driving

If you’re headed out as an Uber driver for the evening, you expect to spend quite a bit of time on the road–and the last thing you want is to end up broken down. Instead, take the time to look over and examine your car before driving.

Conducting regular checks is a great car maintenance practice. Ideally, you want to conduct a full check at least once per week–more if you’re driving in bad weather conditions. You can also do a basic inspection of your car as you’re filling it up with gas. Make sure that you:

    • Check the tire pressure and put air in your tires if needed.


    • Take a look at the oil. Make sure that it’s still clean and that your vehicle has an adequate amount of it.


    • Check all of your lights. You don’t want to wind up in an accident because of a missing turn signal!


    • Check the brakes. If you notice unusual squeaking, squealing, or grinding when you stop, take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately for a full checkup.


#3: Put Oil Changes on Your Calendar

You know that your car’s oil needs to be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. As an Uber driver, you can cover that distance in the blink of an eye. As you develop a better idea of how many miles you drive on a regular basis, go ahead and schedule those oil changes ahead of time.

This will ensure that your car has the clean supply of oil that it needs to keep running at peak efficiency–and that you don’t accidentally forget to schedule an oil change. You should also change the oil filter with each oil change and take a look at your air filter each time you change the oil.

#4: Don’t Ignore Problems

One of the great things about being an Uber driver is that you will probably get to know your car pretty well. If it starts making strange noises or behaving differently, you’ll know that there’s something going on–and you’ll notice immediately if it continues to worsen. Don’t ignore those potential signs of problems! Instead, seek car maintenance and repair as soon as you suspect a problem. Describe the exact problem to the mechanic and have them look it over.

If necessary, you may take them on a test drive with you so you can show them exactly how the problem occurs. In many cases, taking your vehicle in during the early signs of mechanical problems can prevent more serious issues down the road.

Do you need regular car maintenance as an Uber driver in Kansas City? We can help! Contact us today to schedule important maintenance on your vehicle.